Spring has sprung! Here’s cool stuff from March. For some reason, two great articles about dick pics were written for The Coveteur and Complex #VoteTrumpGetDumped  Is Streetwear Abandoning Hip-Hop For Rock and Roll? @placesplusfaces is the coolest Instagram account I follow right now Eat Like a Celebrity! If you’re having trouble with your own time management and productivity like I am, this will at least … Continue reading 3/16


We made it through the official “winter months!” Let’s look back at February’s plethora of Valentines, red carpets, whatever stuff Kanye did and more! What Doe$ It Mean When The Dollar $ign Di$appear$? Drake Themed Valentines  An Incomplete Review of Female Comics Being Asked If Women Can Be Funny Happy Birthday Pretty in Pink! Raise your hand if you think she should have chosen Duckie! … Continue reading 2/16


Someone wake up Billie Joe Armstrong because September has officially come to a close! School is kind of sort of too much work and I am already so stressed, and we’ve only had one month! I think I have kept up with blogging fairly well (agreed?) and am really happy that a few more people have actually read it. Again, I always welcome comments to … Continue reading 9/15