Of course right after I said how much I don’t like what others bloggers are doing, I’m following a blogging trend woooo!

But actually, I’ve seen a lot of variations on this idea of writing about a few random things you like currently (Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Five Things probably started it?), and bloggers even make guides about them now. I think it’s a good idea, and will help update my hundreds* of readers on my fascinating** life.

I’m currently

Watching… Orange is the New Black Season 4! Well, actually I just finished, but I’m not over it. I’m going to avoid any spoilers, but I think this is the most timely season yet. Issues  of race discrimination is a HUGE part of the season, and it’s really interesting how it plays out on the show. Won’t get into how OITNB only has white writers, and that that makes talking about race a little weird, but yeah, that’s a problem… I love how the characters on this show have developed so much that someone like Piper, who I originally considered the show’s main character, gets much less air time now! I love learning about characters’ back stories, and this season learning about Healy, Soso, and others has really made me love the characters even more. The way they left off the season was CRAZY and I couldn’t sleep the night I finished it. It still keeps me up sometimes.


Reading… #GirlBoss finally! I wrote about meeting Sophia Amoruso and getting this book signed last fall, which feels like forever ago! But I am finally getting a chance to read it! I wasn’t sure how much I would relate to this book, just because I never thought of myself as an aspiring “businesswoman” or particularly entrepreneurial, but I’m learning you can be a #GirlBoss in any field. I particularly liked a chapter I just read, when she talked about all of the random careers she had when she was younger. From working at Subway, to Borders bookstore, to her last job of checking college student IDs, she wrote about how trying out random work prepares you for everything, and teaches you what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about.


Listening… To a lot. Like seriously a lot. I’ve started a new project in which I’m listening to new music every week (approximately) and I am going to put it on a blog format VERY soon. In terms of new music that’s not really part of my new project, Mitski’s Puberty 2 is so great. Listen to “Your Best American Girl” and “Thursday Girl” (both with the name girl, not intended on my part).

Wearing… My new Adidas Campus sneakers. I’m in love. I have never been able to describe my kicks as fresh until now.


Planning… My trip to London. I leave ironically on July 4 and I am trying to figure out just what I need to bring and see and do there! I went when I was 12 and angry at the world for making me so awkward, so I definitely will have a new perspective this time around.

Wanting…A slip dress. They’re either too expensive or don’t have the look I’m going for, which is mid-length, shiny, and loose enough that I don’t feel constricted or like I’m trying to be sexy, but tight enough that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a sack. I’ll keep ya updated.

This Reformation dress would be great if it was $100 less…

Organizing…My new apartment! I live in the East Village now, which I am very excited about, since it has always been my favorite place to be in NYC. However, my room is already a complete mess because I still don’t have a functional dresser. Hoping to have this figured out by the end of the month!




**also a lie


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