Top 10 Feminist Moments 0f 2015

I think 2015, for me, was the year that feminism started to really matter to me. I’ve noticed the need for it so much more often, and I’ve realized just how much gender inequality affects me, my friends and my family. Here are some of the moments this year that I recognized and was inspired by, in order to be the best feminist I can … Continue reading Top 10 Feminist Moments 0f 2015

Top 10 Fashion Moments of 2015

I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that 2015 was a HUGE year for fashion. Big questions were raised, a lot was added and subtracted, and it felt like there was a pivotal change around every corner. It makes me wonder what could happen in 2016 that fully resembles the fashion world we knew a year ago. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here are … Continue reading Top 10 Fashion Moments of 2015

Top 10 Drake Moments of 2015

Welcome to my fab Top 10 lists of 2015 series! Until 2016 arrives, I will feature lists of my favorite moments of 2015 in music, feminism, fashion, etc. And to start things off, I don’t think any of you should be surprised that I have given Drake his own category. The above image is from when Drake and I celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Good times! Anyway, … Continue reading Top 10 Drake Moments of 2015

Fa La La Fierce Female Friday

Merry Christmas, friends! As a Jewish girl who celebrates a Christmas that puts zero emphasis on baby Jesus, I know that I’m not entitled to say much  on the subject on Christmas. But it’s still fun! Presents, food, music, movies… and family, of course! What’s not to love? Anyway, it is super weird to choose a Fierce Female on Christmas (Mrs. Clause?), so I decided to compile my … Continue reading Fa La La Fierce Female Friday