Stuck On: The Gay Men Project

Just wanted to do a super quick blog post on a super inspiring speech I heard last night! Also thought I would use it as another opportunity to start another series (this one won’t fail I don’t think???). My blog is obviously Stuck and Lost. And I obviously get stuck on stuff and lost in stuff. Shouldn’t I write about said stuff? I really think I will ruin everything if I continue trying to explain it so just read my blog and deal with my crazy obsession over making my blog perfect thanks.

I actually had to cover a speech for my journalism class, so I went to see Kevin Truong speak about The Gay Men Project at Anita’s Way in Times Square (Although I almost didn’t go because of that location).

IMG_6375 IMG_6359

Truong has visited 86 cities, 37 countries, 6 continents and has spoken to over 700 people, trying to tell the stories of gay men around the world. After experiencing a great amount of shame and loneliness while he was in the closet when he was younger, Truong wanted to tell these stories for people like his 19-year-old self. His project is not only a platform for men around the world, some living in places where homosexuality is illegal, to share their stories. His project is a resource– a safe place online for LGBTQ to go and feel like they are not alone.

Truong said that people have told him the impacts the stories he’s shared had on them. People told their parents that they were gay or transgender after hearing about Chile’s first openly gay mayor, or the man who ran a gay men’s health clinic in Nairobi, despite the fact that homosexuality is illegal there.

Truong’s project is just one example of how powerful storytelling is. I once read that journalism is simply “getting to tell stories for a living.” More and more, I wonder what kind of stories I can tell through words that can make an impact like Truong has. I  have no idea what those stories are going to be, but Truong reminded me that it’s possible, and that it’s worth it!

Check out because it is actually AMAZING.


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