The Beacon’s Closet Selling Experience.

Yesterday, I was Ilana and Abbi at Beacon’s Closet BEFORE they raided the closet of the rich mother of the boy Ilana was babysitting. Yes, I went to Beacon’s Closet (According to this it is one of the better thrift shops to sell your clothes– no appointment necessary and 35% cash back). I tried to sell some of my clothes. It barely worked. I had low … Continue reading The Beacon’s Closet Selling Experience.

That Time I Stole a European Girl’s Breakfast

Here’s a note about college breakfast from a girl so in over her head with work and so beyond any normal levels of procrastination that a blog about breakfast is the most logical coping mechanism around: On Tuesday and Thursday mornings around 10 am, you can usually find me at my nearest all-you-can-eat dining hall, eating breakfast in preparation for my 11 am class. I … Continue reading That Time I Stole a European Girl’s Breakfast


Well it has already been almost two weeks of April and my original draft for this monthly post somehow disappeared (shoutout to WordPress for always being reliable) April is going wonderfully! In an effort to escape the torture this month clearly wants my blog to go through, let’s skip the small talk and take a look at March. 1. One of the cooler things I … Continue reading 3/15