NYFW: Take Two

Although my very first Fashion Week experience took place last Fall, this NYFW for Fall 2015 was my first Fashion Week. I got the chance to attend and cover FOUR shows for the Washington Square News this season– more than I ever could have imagined for my freshman year of college. Even though editors, bloggers, socialites, and unnecessarily rich people attend 20+ shows a week, as a college student, I attended a lot. The level stress I reached this week was not much lower than how I felt during finals.

In one week, I saw four shows, wrote four articles, saw my idol from afar, and began to reach the level of a Fashion Week pro.



Zimmermann was the first show I covered last Friday at Artbeam in Chelsea. I was more familiar with this designer in terms of clothing for Spring/Summer, especially bathing suits, so it was interesting to see the Fall collection. I felt like a lot of the pieces on the runway were actually fairly summery, but the coats they were paired with made them acceptable for winter. One amazing thing about this show, however, was that there were gift bags in the front row, and one person left their gift bag! I wonder who took it… There was a really nice water bottle and Zimmermann clutch in it. That’s all I’ll say.

In between the Zimmermann and Sally LaPointe shows I had about an hour to kill, and to my dismay, my phone, which I NEED in order to get into the show, DIED. I had my charger, but after going into two delis and a pizzeria full of construction workers seemed confused as to why I was there, I could not find an outlet to use. Finally, I found a little cafe that was attached to an actual restaurant called Death Ave. There was no outlet there out in the open, but in my desperation, I asked the girl who worked there if she could plug in my phone while I sat and drank a cappuccino and ate a sandwich. She was so nice, and the food was good. Not to mention, the sandwiches all seemed to be under 10 dollars (I got my sandwich and coffee for under 10 dollars), which, in NYC, is pretty much a miracle. I don’t know that girl’s name, but she basically saved my life and gave me a delicious feta cheese and spinach sandwich.

Sally LaPointe

This was my favorite show and my favorite article I wrote for this week by far. I walked from the Zimmermann show to this show at Skylight Modern, which was also in Chelsea. First of all, I saw my favorite blogger/owner of my dream job/holder of all of my hopes and dreams, Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller). She sat in the front row, and I had to stay in the back with Standing until I was given an extra seat, and swore to myself I would find her after the show. Unfortunately, when the show ended, I looked towards her seat, and she had already left. I’m 99% sure we made eye contact, though, and that’s what will get me through. But please read my article on the show, because I really thought every piece was perfect.

Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso is not really for my age group, nor is it my taste (so much fur). It was still the biggest show I have been to thus far in the Theater at Lincoln Center. The collection was nothing all that special, which I wrote in my article (sorry Dennis). Apparently Mary J. Blige was at the show, but the closest thing I saw to a celebrity sighting was Kelly Bensimon from the Real Housewives of NYC.

Lupe Gajardo

I am used to having a Standing ticket, which is basically General Admission, and means that you stand against the wall during the show. I have never had to actually stand throughout the show though, because at a certain time right before the show begins, people standing are allowed to take available seats. At this show, I not only had my OWN seat, but I had a FRONT ROW SEAT. I was so cool in the front row that I was invited to the designer’s after party, but I had to go home to write my article, as well as do my homework. The struggles of a college student. I’m not sure if it was the designer’s intention, or if I just had never been that close to models on a runway before, but all of the models looked like zombies who were about to collapse. It was impressive, however, that not all of the models looked like they were a size 0000, some had actual boobs, and one had a really cool nearly shaved head. Overall, it was an amazing show, and it was the designer’s NYFW debut, which was impressive!


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