My Valentines

In honor of Valentine’s Day, my lack of anything close to a boyfriend, and the joy those two factors bring when they are put together, I have put together my own list of Valentines. These boys get me through all of the other 364 days of the year, but February 14th is the day when I truly realize how much they mean to me.

Disclaimer: Since I became a college student, it has been brought to my attention that I am attracted to a rather “unique” set of individuals. Please just tell yourself it adds to my fun blogging personality and does not in any way make me a freak of nature. 


Yes, this poster hangs over my bed

Drake is my number 1 boy all day everyday. He is actually my Valentine. (Keep an eye out for a future blog post in which I point out all of my reasons for loving this beautiful Jewish Canadian ex-Degrassi star).

Ed Sheeran


Sometimes I get really sad when I think about how I am most likely not going to marry Ed Sheeran, so I will never get to hear the song he wrote for me. If you are single like me this Valentine’s Day, consider listening to Wake Me Up, Kiss Me, Thinking Out Loud, Tenerife Sea, and basically any of his other songs while you lie in bed and cry and wonder if the love Ed sings about can actually happen or if he is just an angel sent down from Cupid to taunt me.

Tyler, the Creator


This man is just so strange and I can’t help but want a date with him just because I know it would truly be an experience to say the least.

Adam Driver


Throwback to when Adam on Girls had a girlfriend named Natalia. It is meant to be. Yes I know he’s married.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz is not really my Valentine anymore, but he was definitely my first, so he always holds a special place in my heart. I currently look at his relationship and his two children and tell myself, “I’m happy for you Pete. You look happy,” as if we actually had a relationship that didn’t last. But that’s ok!

I have more boys I could mention today, but, let’s face it: There are so many of them, and only one of me. I will get to all of you eventually, just hold on tight. Pretty soon you may gain entry into the roller coaster ride I like to call “Natalia’s Heart.”

This was probably my most unnecessary and silly post yet. But it’s just that kind of day. More serious topics like ISIS and North West throwing a tantrum at Fashion Week will return soon enough.


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